1. Gauze


  3. Ordeals

  4. Et In Arcadia Ego

  5. Split with Les Chasseurs De La Nuit

  6. The Survival of Memory

  7. Thaw


  9. The Hierophant

  10. The Hierophant Shadow Sessions

  11. The Far
    Burial Hex (featuring Zola Jesus)

  12. The Night

  13. Assumption / Ascension


  15. Split LP with Zola Jesus

  16. Actaeon (split LP w/ Iron Fist of the Sun)

  17. Vedic Hymns (split LP w/ Kinit Her)

  18. Eschatology I (or the Precession of Nightfall pt I: Awaken Vernal Equinox)

  19. Eschatology II (or the Precession of Nightfall pt II: Awaken Sons of the Fire Festival)

  20. Eschatology III (or The Precession of Nightfall pt III: Awaken Summer Tongues)

  21. Eschatology IV (or The Precession of Nightfall pt IV: Awaken Frozen Fire)

  22. Guardians

  23. Farward

  24. In Psychic Defense

  25. Fantasma di Perarolo

  26. Book of Delusions

  27. Book of Delusions (Remix Collection)

  28. The Spoils of Feral Love (vol 1)

  29. The Spoils of Feral Love (vol 2)

  30. Feasts of Copper

  31. Feasts of Silver

  32. Feasts of Gold

  33. The Circumcision

  34. Hunger

  35. Bach Eingeschaltet, Fünfter Band

  36. In Psychic Defense (collection)

  37. Throne (collection)

  38. For Granted Is His Will

  39. From the Rites of Lazarus

  40. The Tower

  41. Pentecost

  42. Forward! (aka Death To False Witches)

  43. Six Wings

  44. Folie à deux : Inner Other

  45. Folie à deux : Other Inner

  46. Four Tone Poems of Orlog

  47. Archangel Invocation (from split CS with Stor)

  48. Crusade

  49. Will Kindly Old Lazarus Let Me Back Out Again?

  50. Angelic Gematria

  51. Sede Vacante (from split cs w/ Oath)

  52. Magpie & Raven
    Pyramids with Wraiths

  53. Throne

  54. The Scry of Ab Raza

  55. The Adoration of Fire

  56. Resurrection (from split CS with Crown of Bone)

  57. Burial Hex (s/t SNSE)

  58. Bagirwa Hymn (Von Archives)

  59. Mahabone

  60. Cult Cassettes

  61. Hunger (Burial Hex Nativity Forefeast Remix)

  62. Blood Between Her Lakes

  63. Thin Hand of Orula

  64. Ghost Trio no. 1

  65. Horror Electronics

  66. Curses of the Earth

  67. Possession (from split cs w/ Neutoter der Plage)

  68. Menstrual Hoax

  69. Trinity Position

  70. The Ritual of Abduction

  71. Perennis

  72. Gripster Killer

  73. Selenite (from split cs w/ Skin Graft)

  74. Irminsul Hidden In Bronze (from split cs w/ The Mumber Toes)

  75. Burial Hex & Ludo Mich
    Burial Hex & Ludo Mich

  76. Silver Crescent Sonata

  77. ingirumimusnocteetconsumimurigni

  78. The Felon Wind

  79. Wall of Zombies

  80. Burial Hex & Karen Eliot

  81. Harsh Burial

  82. Burial Hex & The Mumber Toes - Revenge

  83. Goy Godal

  84. Chapter Seven


Burial Hex Wisconsin

So close to the end that we can see the beginning.

Burial Hex is a chthonic composition cycle of Post-Industrial musical dowsing, since 2005. Coining the term "Horror Electronics", Burial Hex music is an animistic Theatre of Cruelty, each encounter very personal, immersive and unpredictable. ... more

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