Resurrection (from split CS with Crown of Bone)

by Burial Hex



This new entry in Crucial Blast's Infernal Machines limited edition cassette series again features the blistering black harsh noise of Crown Of Bone teamed up with another denizen of the black noise/death industrial / mutoid black metal underground. This time its with the renowned "horror electronics" project Burial Hex, aka Clay Ruby (also of Davenport, Totem, ex-Jex Thoth, Wormsblood, Journey To Ixtlan, Hintergedanken, and a bunch of other musical projects that I've been listening to over the past decade or more).

Burial Hex's "Resurrection" is up first, opening with gusts of demonic breath and a distant scream of terror, then falling into silence. The first few minutes of the track are harrowing, that horrific screaming rising up in the background behind a veil of monstrous utterances cloaked in delay and other effects, and the sound of droning keys slowly drift in, dark electronic ambiance gradually rising to the surface. Eerie, John Carpenter-esque synths slowly curl across the blackness while those vile, guttural intonations continue to roll out, and this all starts to take shape as a kind of anguished, hellish power electronics as those nightmarish breathing sounds and bestial moans becoming more erratic, the screams more desperate. Further into the track, those warbling background drones start to transform into the sound of creepy pipe organs, but then it turns into something much noisier and more chaotic, those droning keyboards suddenly swallowed up in a gale of screeching metallic noise and howling feedback, turning into a harsh, squealing industrial nightmare. One of the most unsettling tracks I've heard from Burial Hex.


released January 29, 2017



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