Eschatology III (or The Precession of Nightfall pt III: Awaken Summer Tongues)

by Burial Hex



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released December 18, 2014

"Eschatology III" is the third installment of the "Precession of Nightfall" cycle which will eventually culminate in the "Nightfall" divination kit and cassette boxset. A four-part cycle which presents eight unique 30 minute compositions each depicting a new hallucinatory concept of ritual precession as a means to further explore the divinations of Mother Midnight; also known as The Reading of Readings, The Oracles of The Oracle, and/or The Visions of The Void. The latest installment brings us the heat of the Summer in the form of a five movement suite on the fifth side. These pieces are each lyrical manifestos sung, whispered or growled over a myriad of expressive industrial maneuvers and strung together with a motif of murky sediment. The sixth side offers an extended remix of the 12" "Hunger", much in the same way Burial Hex recast his own "Book of Delusions" and "The Tower" on the previous two installments of the Nightfall series, respectively. This St Atta's Day Remix doubles the original in length, drowning and discoloring the work until nothing but a labyrinthine miasma of subconcious techno remain. World without end, Amen.



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