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Ludo Mich
Ludo Mich is a painter, sculptor, holographer, musician, performance artist and fluxus associate best known for the series of hysterical films he made in the sixties and seventies, especially : 'Lysistrata' (1975), an adaptation of Aristophanes' satirical poetic comedy into a strictly personal ludic burlesque. All actors perform naked. This was due not simply to the budget being too small to accommodate the appropriate costumes and regalia; Ludo Mich also intended to use his particularity to heighten the impact of Aristophanes' anarchistic ideas.
'Saturnus' (1971) by Ludo Mich still remains one of the topworks of the Belgian Underground Cinema of the sixties and seventies..

Burial Hex
Burial Hex is the extended keyboard and noise meditations of Clay Ruby. A composition cycle of Horror Electronics to be executed in preparation for thee final mysteries coming in the twilight of this Kali Yuga.

Forever and the End of Dimensional Illusions


Speed of Light is too Slow
All The Way Away

Vocals composed and performed by Ludo Mich, recorded 15.2.2008 at Ludo's Place by Marc Van Tichel / Tape Modern. Edited and infused with electronics, Spring - Summer,
2010 at The Harvest Abbey. All electronics designed and edited by Clay Ruby, with
additional synthesizer contributions by The Mumber Toes on "Forever and the End..."

Cover artwork realised by Dylan Nyoukis.
Layout and design by Eric Frye.
Professionally duplicated and imprinted cro2 cassettes.
Edition of 250 (silver ink on black shells).


released September 1, 2010



all rights reserved


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